The Benefits and Barriers of Moving Classroom-Based Courses to Web-Based Courses:
A Perspective from Three Wisconsin Institutions

By: Travis W Dodge

The Benefits and Barriers of Moving Classroom-Based Courses to Web-Based Courses:
        A Perspective from Three Wisconsin Institutions


The purpose of this study was to explore the benefits and barriers of web-based education. The literature review provides a summary of the current state of web-based courses nationally. In addition, it discusses both technical and teaching benefits and barriers realized. Since web-based education is a relatively new concept, most of the literature review was taken from journals, magazines, and newspapers that were published during the last three years.

This study then discusses the current state of web-supplemented, web-enhanced, and web-based courses at three Wisconsin institutions. There is one institution included from the private schools, the University of Wisconsin System, and the Technical College System. The sample at each institution was one technology professional that was determined by each individual school, though two additional technical professionals were talked to informally at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. In addition, the technical professional at Western Wisconsin Technical College also teaches three courses that are either web-enhanced or web-based. Since each technology professional often has contact with the faculty who use online material, each was asked if they could provide responses to questions that address faculty concerns. For example, does it take longer or shorter to prepare a web-based course lesson compared to a classroom-based course? Since the technical professionals often had these answers from their own surveys or feedback, they provided the response for this study.

This study provides the reader with an understanding of the barriers one will need to overcome and consider when developing a web-based course. In addition, one will realize the potential benefits that web-based courses have to offer. This study provides a foundation for any faculty member or institution interested in creating and developing a web-based education program. Read the Book's Table of Contents & Introduction (PDF).

Author Biography

Travis Dodge received a double major in Economics and Computer Science/Mathematics from St. Norbert College and his Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in College Student Development and Administration from UW-La Crosse. This is his Master's Thesis discussing the benefits and the barriers to transforming classroom courses to online courses. Since this publication, Travis has taught several classroom based Economic courses and did covert one from a fully classroom based course to a hybrid version (half online and half in the classroom). Travis is a devout Catholic and still resides in Wisconsin near his family including his brothers Justin and Tyler and his parents. He visits and/or talks with his other brother, the famous Disney author, Brent Dodge regularly.

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Release Date: 2002
Publisher: Baskerville Press (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Page Count: 43 (8.5 x 11 inch paper)
Dimensions: e-book only

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