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Barbara (DeBonnet) DuToit

b. 1675 Moudon, Switzerland
m. 1695
d. about 1738 Manakin, Virginia (English Colony)


Pierre DuToit


Marianne (DuToit) Goss (b. 1697 France/Moudon, Switzerland or 1716 Moudon, Switzerland; m. about 1736 Goochland County, Virginia (English Colony); d. 1794 Goochland County, Virginia (English Colony))


Sources contradict each other; some claim Barbara was born in England, others say she was born in Switzerland. The sources that claim she was born in England say her ancestors were from France. Many of the sources that say she was born in Switzerland also claim that her daugheter, Marianne was born in Switzerland. The more trustworthy of these sources, although not proven, claims she was born in about 1675 in Switzerland.

If the information claiming she was born in England is correct, her parents' names are Daniel de Bonnette and Jean (Couturier) de Bonnette and her grandparents are Jean Bonnet and Madelene (Ray) Bonnet; all from the France. They have been excluded in this pedigree since this information seems to be incorrect.