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Captain Phinehas Fiske

b. 1600 Laxfield, Suffolk, England
m. October 02, 1617 Metfield, Norfolk England & June 04, 1660 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. June 07, 1673 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Sarah (Francis) Fiske & Elizabeth (Easterick) Fiske


1. James Fiske (b. 1620 Wingfield, England)
2. Elizabeth Fiske (b. 1622 Wingfield, England)
3. John Fiske (b. 1627 Wingfield, England)
4. Captain Thomas Fiske (b. March 25, 1632 Wingfield, England; m. About 1650 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. August 15, 1707 Wenham, Massachusetts)


Captain Phinehas Fiske immigrated to America with his brother, Reverend John Fiske and another relative, William Fiske in 1641, although another source claims that they arrived in 1937 on the Mary Ann.

In 1642 Phinehas became a freeman in Wenham. Later he was the captain of the militia, a constable (1644 and 1645), Representative to the General Court (1653), Commissioner of Wenham (1656 and 1661), and was appointed "Commissioner to end small causes" (1654). Phinehas, along with his brother John and Charles Gott constituted the first board of selectmen in Wenham (Phinehas was also a selectman in 1656, 1658, and 1661).

After Phinehas's wife, Sarah Francis died in 1659, Phinehas married Elizabeth Easterick.

Phinehas's will, which is dated March 26, 1673, reads as follows:
The Last will & Testament of Phineas Fiske I being sick & weake of bodi, yet of perfit memory doe comit my soull until the lord through my deare saui & my body to a deascent buriall & disposeof my goods as ffolloweth imprimis I giueto Son James Fiske the one halfe of my howse & lands & the other halfe to my other two sons - & Thomas to be deuided betwixt them by eaqual portions & for my chatle goods I giue to my three sons abouesd to be equaly deuided betwixt them ex my greate Bible which I giue to Samuell ffiske (my nephew) & my best pillow & pillow beere to Mara ffiske; & I doe appointe my two sons John &Thomas exects to this my will & in witnes wher unto I haue here unto set my hand this 6 of 1: 1673.

Phinehas's will was proved on April 26, 1673.






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