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Caroline R. (Pairon) LaBarge

b. March 26, 1868 Quebec, Canada
m. February 15/16, 1886 Stephenson, Michigan U.S.A.
d. October 25, 1944 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Cyril LaBarge


1. Delia Mary LaBarge (b. 1887 Michigan U.S.A.; d. 1928 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
2. Alfred George LaBarge (b. August 08, 1889 Daggett, Michigan U.S.A.; m. July 03, 1919 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A. to Anna Elizabeth Bauer; d. December 11, 1964)
3. Joseph C. LaBarge (b. September 16, 1891 Michigan U.S.A.; m. Lavina () LaBarge; d. 1964 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
4. Louise M. LaBarge (b. November 23, 1893 Michigan U.S.A.; d. 1984 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
5. Alex N. LaBarge (b. January 13, 1896 Michigan U.S.A.; m. Anna M. () LaBarge; d. 1967 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
6. Frank E. LaBarge (b. April 10/18, 1898 Michigan)
7. John W. LaBarge (b. December 24, 1906 Michigan)


Caroline Pairon was born in Quebec, but immigrated to Michigan in 1869. A family rumor claims that her mother was having an affair with an Indian when Caroline was conceived and that Caroline's father was not her mother's husband, Alexandre Desire Joseph Pairon, but was the Indian she was having an affair with. It was claimed that this is why Caroline immigrated with her parents to the U.S.A. before Caroline even turned one. Throughout Caroline's life she never wished to talk about her ancestry, however some of her children appear very Indian.

Family rumors seem be become more accurate when you expand the search further than just the picture of Caroline's children. According to the 1870 US census, Caroline was living in Michigan with Ebsio and Caroline Parron who were each 29 at the time, plus a Frank Perron and a Louisa Miller, who was 21.

There is no mention of her parents or her brothers in this document, but her parents and brothers were still alive at the time. In fact, both of her brothers outlived her and were mentioned in her obituary. The reason two parents would send their infant daughter to live in a different country, while keeping their other children with them in Quebec is highly suspicious. It also means that family rumor that she immigrated with her parents was slightly mistaken.

The people Caroline was living with in 1870 is a mystery. With the last name "Perron" they could be relatives, but spelled their last name differently. If Caroline's mother sent her away as an infant, sending her to live with relatives would again make sense, although the relatives would have been on her husband's side. Also, since her brothers are mentioned in her obituary, Caroline clearly keep in contact or later re-established contact with her family despite not living with them.

The plot thickens with the 1900 US census. Caroline and her husband, Cyril LaBarge lied on the census forms to hide their ethnic origin. Her husband's name is listed as Silas Labarge and they both claim to be of English Canadian decent. Also in this census record, some of their children's names have been altered, perhaps to appear more English to support their claim. Delia is listed as Cheleta, Alfred is Freddy, Joseph is the same, Louise is Lusia, Frank is the same, and Alee is Alex. At this time there was no poor relations with the French so no reason to claim to be of English decent unless they were trying to hide their pasts. In fact, this was just a few years after the French and English united in Canada to form a new country and only two years after Quebec's size was expanded and the first French Prime Minster was elected, proving the relationship between the two groups to be at an all time high.

In the 1910 census they go back to being French Canadian, but then in 1920 they return to English Canadian. There is no doubt that Caroline and Cyril were French, and not English Canadian. Caroline was born in Quebec and her mother was French Belgian.

If Caroline's father was Indian, as is rumored and supported by the evidence above, the question then turns to ask which of the "First Nations" he beloged to. Although records only indicate that Caroline was born in Quebec, members of the family say she was born in or around Quebec City. This being the case, Caroline's father was most likely Huron, who were settled in Quebec City at the time. There is also a slight chance he was Micmac, which were a nomadic people at the time who were known to have stayed in Quebec City at least temporarily during this time period.

Caroline married and had all of her children in Michigan. Alfred was born in a log house, which is most likely where they lived at the time. Caroline and her family moved to Chicago's Ward 29 sometime between 1906 and 1910 before moving to Wood County, Wisconsin the same, or the following year. In that year Caroline and her husband were living with their children, Alex, Frank, and John in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin. According to the 1920 census, Cyril was living at his son, Alex's house with his wife and children, Frank and John in Wisconsin.

Caroline died at home, on Route 1 in Wisconsin Rapids, after a five-day illness of heart troubles. Her funeral took place in Saints Peter & Paul Catholic church and she was buried in Calvary Cemetery. When Caroline died, it mentioned that her brother, George Pairon was living in Chicago, Illinois and her other brother, Solam Pairon was living in Detroit, Michigan.

Daggett, Michigan
Daggett, Michigan

Tomb of Carolin (Pairon) LaBarge
Caroline's tomb in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Rapids Family Plots
LaBarge & Bauer family plots in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin







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