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Charles Richard Williams

b. February 02, 1867 St. David, Illinois U.S.A.
m. February 16, 1898 North Peoria, Illinois U.S.A.
d. December 13, 1925


Hester S.E. (Young) Williams


1. Bessie Williams (b. about 1900)
2. Ralph Williams (b. about 1903)
3. Lloyd Williams (b. about 1905)
4. Laura Williams (b. about 1908)
5. Zealy Williams (b. October 20, 1909 Pinegrove Township/Steenberg place, Bancroft, Wisconsin U.S.A.; m. Francis Mulder; d. October 31, 1992 Sharon, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
6. Howard Williams (b. about 1913)
7. Charles Williams (b. about 1918)


Charles grew up as a farm hand on his parent's farm in Norris, Illinois. In 1900 he's lised as a day laborer according to the US census. In 1902 Charles and his wife moved to their own farm in Mossville where they grew corn and raised cows, chickens and made their own butter and sold eggs in nearby Peoria. In 1906, Charles's brother, Daniel moved to the farm to work as a hired hand. In 1907 Charles got an offer from a Farmington Banker named AC Steenberg to farm 1100 acres of land in Bancroft, Wisconsin. Charles worked this land for AC Steenberg, but also bought 120 acres for himself. This land was unbroken so Charles hired his brother, Dan to work the land in exchange for free housing and some land. In May 1913 Dan and his son moved in with Charles. With all the children, Charles donated an acre of land for a school to be built in early summer of 1913. This school soon became the center of the farming community.

The times during World War I were hard due to farming restrictions and the spread of diseases. Aspirin was invented during this time. Back on the farm things were worse and disease struck the heard of cattle, with one to two dying each night, until a cowboy named "shep" and his veterinarian saved them. The bad luck continued when a "tramp" slept in the barn, a mouse chewed on a match he had left, and the barn ignited, burning all the grain inside, however the "bucket brigades" saved the home. AC Steenberg pulled out of his support and Charles sold his land as well.

After moving his family to Indiana, Charles soon returned to Wisconsin, south of Elkhorn to start a new farm, where he was in 1920. Soon, Charles in-laws, Hester's parents moved in with them.

Charles eventually died from a stroke, while milking the cows.

Charles Richard Williams and his siblings





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