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Cyrille A. LaBarge

b. March 26, 1857 District of Canada East (Quebec), Canada (English Colony)
m. February 15/16, 1886 Stephenson, Michigan U.S.A.
d. March 08, 1945 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Caroline (Pairon) LaBarge


1. Delia Mary LaBarge (b. 1887 Michigan U.S.A.; d. 1928 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
2. Alfred George LaBarge (b. August 08, 1889 Daggett, Michigan U.S.A.; m. July 03, 1919 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A. to Anna Elizabeth Bauer; d. December 11, 1964)
3. Joseph C. LaBarge (b. September 16, 1891 Michigan U.S.A.; m. Lavina () LaBarge; d. 1964 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
4. Louise M. LaBarge (b. November 23, 1893 Michigan U.S.A.; d. 1984 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
5. Alex N. LaBarge (b. January 13, 1896 Michigan U.S.A.; m. Anna M. () LaBarge; d. 1967 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
6. Frank E. LaBarge (b. April 10/18, 1898 Michigan)
7. John W. LaBarge (b. December 24, 1906 Michigan)


Cyril (this is the common spelling of his name, although according to his son, Alfred's birth certificate his name was spelled "Cyrille") LaBarge immigrated to America in either 1870 or 1885. All of his children were born in Michigan, including Alfred, who was born in a log cabin, before moving to Cook County, Illinois and living there in 1910 before moving to Grand Rapids, Wood County, Wisconsin in the same, or following year.

According to the 1900 census, his name is Silas Labarge, his wife's name Caroline and they claim to be English Canadian. Also in this census record, all of their children's names have been altered, perhaps to appear more English: Delia is listed as Cheleta, Alfred is Freddy, Joseph is the same, Louise is Lusia, Frank is the same, and Alee is Alex. Additionally, he is listed as a farmer in this census record.

In the 1910 census they go back to being French Canadian, at which time he's listed as being a carpenter.

In 1920 they return to English Canadian, and Cyril was living at his son, Alex's house with his wife and children, Frank and John in Wisconsin at this time. He was still farming at this point in his life according to the US census.

It is known that Cyril had a sister, Delia (LeBarge) Rouseau, who was living at the time of Cyril's death in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. At the time of Alfred's death, all of his children were alive except Delia. Alfred was living in Chicago, Illinois; Joseph, Alex, and Louis were living in Wisconsin/Grand Rapids, Wisconsin; Frank was in Stevens Point, Wisconsin; and John was in Waukegan, Illinois. He died at 7:00 in the morning after a long illness.

His funeral services took place at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church and he was buried in Calvary Cemetery.

His name was also spelled Silas/Cyrille Labarge/LeBarge/Le Barge and some note his first name as Alexis and Cyril his middle name.

Daggett, Michigan
Daggett, Michigan

Tomb of Cyrille LaBarge
Cyrille's tomb in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Rapids Family Plots
LaBarge & Bauer family plots in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin







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