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Edith (Woodbury/Brayne) Dodge

b. 1603 East Coker, Somerset England
m. May 05, 1628 East Coker, Somerset England
d. June 27, 1678 North Beverly, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Richard John Dodge


1. Richard Dodge (b. 1628 England)
2. Margery Dodge (b. 1630 England; d. 1631 England)
3. Lieutenant John Dodge (b. December 29, 1631 East Coker, England; m. April 10, 1659 Salem, Massachusetts; d. October 11, 1711 North Beverly/Wenham, Massachusetts)
4. Mary Dodge (b. 1632 England)
5. Marie Dodge (b. April 19, 1635 England)
6. Richard (2) Dodge (b. 1643 Massachusetts)
7. Sarah Dodge (b. 1644 Massachusetts)
8. Samuel Dodge (b. 1645 Massachusetts)
9. Edward Dodge (b. Massachusetts)
10. Joseph Dodge (b. 1651 Massachusetts)


Richard John got married to Edith on May 05, 1628 in East Coker England. Some believe he married Edith Woodbury, but other sources say he married Edith Brayne. Edith Woodbury was born in 1603 in East Coker, whereas Edith Brayne was born on May 17, 1608 in Hamden, Somerset. It is most likely he married Edith Woodbury, since more sources reference her and Richard John was from East Coker.

Richard John and Edith immigrated to America in 1638 without royal permission. They arrived in Salem, Massachusetts to join Richard John's brothers, William and Michael; William having arrived nearly ten years earlier, on June 29, 1629.

After moving to America, Richard and Edith lived on William's land for awhile, but then moved to "Dodge Row" in North Beverly, not far from Wenham Lake. In 1637 or 1638 Richard was given ten acres of land in Salem and on September 26, 1638 the two brothers received 40 acres of land comprising the area between Salem and "Dodge Row" in North Beverly. Richard further pushed his land boundaries into modern day Beverly and into the "Wenham Neck." Richard and Edith's house was near or on the town line between Wenham and Beverly.






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