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Francis Edward Theodore Hardy

b. September 16, 1891 Chicago/Calumet, Illinois U.S.A.
m. June 25, 1916 Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.
d. December 18, 1964 Oak Lawn, Illinois U.S.A.


Catherine (Flanigan) Hardy (1916) & Marion Thompson (1950)


1. Jeannette (Hardy) Yingst (b. August 29, 1917 Chicago, Illinois; m. Ed Yingst; d. October 1974)
2. William C Hardy (b. December 25, 1919; m. October 22, 1944; d. November 24, 2010)


Ed's real name is a point of confusion. For all of his adult life he went by "Ed Hardy," however his birth records and baptismal records are unclear. A photocopy of his supposedly original birth certificate states his name as "Theodore Hardy"; this document was submitted to the state of Illinois October 3, 1891 and claims he was born in Calumet Town just south of Chicago. Later, in 1957, when Ed or another family member requested his birth certified birth certificate, they were given a modern day print out of his birth record stating that his name was "Francis E. Hardy" at birth, but this certificate was apparently recorded with the state September 21, 1891 and claims he was born in the city of Chicago. This second copy is a certified copy of his birth and was submitted earlier to the state, meaning it may be more accurate, but what makes the situation more confusing is that both birth certificates are from the State of Illinois and both have the same birth certificate number on them. To add a bit more confusion, a copy of Ed's baptismal record claims his name was "Edward Joseph, Francis Isidore Hardy". Perhaps his name was officially changed at some point, although the state of Illinois doesn't seem to have any documentation showing this. What is the same for all these records are his date of birth and parents' names.

Ed was (according to one of his birth certificates) born in Padington on 119th street in Calumet Town. He was baptized at St. Louis Church on 117th Street in Chicago on October 11, 1891.

He was a tuck painter and is buried in Worth, Illinois. In the 1920 census, his occupation is difficult to read, however it appears that he was a "Chauffeur."

There is some confusion on what Ed's legal name was. He went by Ed, but his birth certificate says "Francis E. Hardy" and his baptismal record says "Edward Joseph Francis Isidore Hardy."

Ed Hardy Fishing in a Suit





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