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Frank Seraph Bauer

b. July 09, 1856 LeRoy, Wisconsin U.S.A.
m. January 14, 1879 LeRoy, Wisconsin U.S.A.
d. October 31, 1936 Willard, Ohio U.S.A.


Anna (Schmid) Bauer


1. Frank Bauer (d. age 4)
2. Edwin Bauer (m. Lucy Wild)
3. Dorothy (Bauer) Zehren (m. P.J. Zehren)
4. Frank J. Bauer (m. Ella Schingen)
5. Lucy (Bauer) Mauel (m. Bernard Mauel)
6. Lenore M. Bauer (b. 1892; d. 1953 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
7. Armand Bauer
8. Annie Elizabeth (Bauer) LaBarge (b. November 10, 1895 Knowles, Wisconsin; m. July 03, 1919 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin to Alfred George LaBarge; d. July 09, 1957/1959)
9. George M. Bauer (b. 1903; m. Agnes M. () Bauer; d. 1987 Grand Rapids, Wisconsin U.S.A.)
Plus two who died as infants


Frank S. Bauer was a successful entrepreneur and the son of Bavarian immigrants, who spoke German in the home. He was born July 09, 1856 and was baptized July 26 in St. Andrew's Church. His Godmother was his aunt, Maria Brunner and his Godfather was Xavier Dietrich. After getting married in St. Andrew's Church in LeRoy, Wisconsin he continued this tradition, speaking German with his wife in the home.

In 1879, at the age of 23, Frank S. started a grain business in nearby Knowles, Wisconsin. Frank S. took a leading role in the development of Knowles; he built the first house in the town, ran the grain business, was the first Post Master of the town, and opened a general merchandise shop there as well.

Despite running so many operations, Frank S. still found time to be an agent for the Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railroad Company for 18 years and after retiring from that in 1900, he opened a stone quarry south of Knowles, but sold it only four years later. All of this was only done with the help of his wife, Anna, who essentially ran the general shop, which was moved to LeRoy in 1901.

After selling the quarry, Frank S. decided to go in a new direction by joining the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. In 1905 he was elected to a position on the Wisconsin State Assembly and in 1907 was re-elected to that position.

Despite his influential role in Dodge County, Frank S. was never one to sit in one place too long. He moved between Knowles, LeRoy, & Lomira before settling down in Wisconsin (Grand) Rapids, Wisconsin for retirement. Frank S was a member of the Catholic Knights of Wisconsin.

Frank S. died in Willard, Ohio, although why he was there at the time of his death is unknown; he is buried in Wisconsin (Grand) Rapids, Wisconsin.

Frank & Katherine Bauer and family
In the front is Frank & Katherine Bauer; Frank S is in the back row, most likely at the far left

Frank S & Anna Bauer with their family
Frank S & Anna (Schmid) Bauer (sitting) with their children

Frank S Bauer in 1928
Frank S Bauer in Chicago, Illinois while visiting his daughter and her family in 1829

Knowles, Wisconsin
This could be Frank's shop as it is located in Knowles, WI next to the grain elevator, which he also owned.
This is where his general store was supposed to be located.

Tomb of Frank S Bauer
Frank's tomb in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Rapids Family Plots
LaBarge & Bauer family plots in Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin






Note: There is no governmental evidence proving that Frank S. Bauer is the son of Frank and Katherine Bauer, however church baptismal records indicate this relationship to be true. Most of the vital records of Dodge County, Wisconsin were lost in a fire in 1877 so there is no known government documentation.

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