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Georg Schmid

b. Unknown
m. June 24, 1789 Bavaria, Holy Roman Empire
d. Unknown


Anna Maria (Kaiser) Schmid


Johann Georg Schmid (b. January 13, 1799 Hauzendorf, Bavaria; m. July 08, 1827 Regensburg, Bavaria to Anna Marie Wagner; d. September 09, 1888 Regensburg, Bavaria Germany)


The History of Dodge County, Wisconsin, Volume 2 claims that Georg's grandson, Georg was a brewer and came from a family of brewers. This would mean it is likely that the Georg listed on this page was also a brewer, although there is no evidence specifically stating this.




*Note: There is no substantial evidence proving Georg Schmid is the father of Johann Georg Schmid other than family records

-H.B. Hubbell, History of Dodge County, Wisconsin, Volume 2, (1913), 293-295.
-Family records