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Joanna (White) Fiske

b. February 24, 1632/3 South Petherton, Somerset England
m. About 1650 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. May 04, 1695 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Captain Thomas Fiske


1. Thomas Fiske (b. 1653 Wenham, Massachusetts)
2. Mary Fiske (b. 1655 Wenham, Massachusetts)
3. Josiah Fiske (b. November 04, 1657 Wenham, Massachusetts)
4. Amos Fiske (b. February 01, 1660 Wenham, Massachusetts)
5. Eleazer Fiske (b. December 22, 1664 Wenham, Massachusetts)
6. Martha (Fiske) Dodge (b. February 27, 1667 Wenham, Massachusetts; m. 1682 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. December 29, 1697 Wenham, Massachusetts)
7. Eleazer (2) Fiske (b. May 03, 1670 Wenham, Massachusetts)
8. Sarah Fiske (b. January/March 14, 1672 Wenham, Massachusetts)
9. Hannah Fiske (b. July 25, 1674 Wenham, Massachusetts)
10. Elizabeth Fiske (b. February 13, 1677 Wenham, Massachusetts)


Three of Joanna (White) Fiske's daughters married sons of Lieutenant John Dodge. Martha Fiske married John Dodge, Hannah Dodge married Andrew Dodge, and Sarah Fiske married Josiah Dodge.

Joanna's husband, Captain Thomas Fiske was the most influential member of the town of Wenham and was named "Patriarch of the town" after his death.






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