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John White

b. March 07, 1602 South Petherton, Somerset England
m. May 28, 1627 Drayton, Somerset England
d. May 28, 1673 Lancaster, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Joan (West) White


1. John White (b. June 01, 1628 Drayton, England)
2. Thomas White (b. June 30, 1630 Drayton, England)
3. Joanna (White) Fiske (b. February 24, 1633 South Petherton, England; m. About 1650 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. May 04, 1695 Wenham, Massachusetts)
4. Mary White (b. About 1635 England)
5. Elizabeth White (b. July 29, 1635 South Petherton, England)
6. Sarah White (b. April 09, 1643 Somerset, England/Wenham, Massachusetts)
7. Josiah White (b. June 04, 1643 Somerset, England/Wenham, Massachusetts)
8. Hannah White (b. Wenham, Massachusetts)


John was baptized in the "Old Church"in South Petherton on March 07, 1602. In 1638 he owned a house in Southarpe, in the parish of South Petherton, which he sold to his brother, Robert. John must have immigrated to the English Colonies in America after this since the following August (1639), John was "received an inhabitant of Salem, and granted 60 acres of land, near Mr. Smith's farm."

John later returned to England in 1648 (although conflicting sources claim he remained in Wenham his entire time). If he moved to England, he returned to New England in 1653, at which point he moved his family to Lancaster, Massachusetts (although another source says he left Wenham in 1652 to settle in Lancaster). When he moved to Lancaster, he left his farm in Wenham to his son, Thomas. This land was bordering Walnut Road on the Miles River.

Later in life, one of John's daughters, Hannah was taken captive by Indians and ransomed back to John in the 1670s.

John White wrote his will on March 10, 1673 and it was proved on May 28, 1673, when he died in Lancaster, Massachusetts. He left his farm in Wenham to his daughter-in-law, Thomas's widow, Ruth.






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