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Joseph Brunner

b. 1808 or 1809 Bavaria
m. Unknown (Hofbauer) Brunner & Anna () Brunner
d. February 14, 1860 LeRoy, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Unknown (Hofbauer) Brunner & Anna () Brunner


1. Katharina (Brunner) Bauer (b. October 30, 1830 Kleegarten, Bavaria; m. November 23, 1853 LeRoy, Wisconsin U.S.A.; d. October 02, 1903 LeRoy, Wisconsin U.S.A.
2. Maria (Brunner) Greiner (b. March 05, 1832; m. Joseph Greiner; d. March 19, 1922)


According to family records, Joseph Brunner lost his wife and remarried a woman named Anna. Joseph's children were raised by himself, his wife, and their maternal grandparents, Simon and Marie Hofbauer. On July 02, 1851 Joseph, his daughters, his father, and his daughters' maternal grandparents all left for the United States. They stayed in LeHavre, France for a week before their ship departed from that city and they arrived to LeRoy, Wisconsin on October 21, 1851. They arrived to Milwaukee, where Frank Sterr picked them up and bought them to LeRoy, where they had friends from Germany already living.

Joseph came from a family of farmers, but he was a school teacher who worked as a farm hand during summers. He was the first teacher in the town of LeRoy.

LeRoy, Wisconsin with St. Andrews Church in the Background
LeRoy, Wisconsin with St. Andrews Church in the Background

Tomb of Joseph Brunner
Joseph's tomb in St. Andrew's Cemetery in LeRoy, Wisconsin






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