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Lord Symond Fiske

b. 1399 Laxfield, Suffolk England
m. Laxfield, Suffolk England
d. February 26, 1464 Stadhaugh, Suffolk England


Susannah (Smyth) Fiske & Katherine () Fiske


1. William Fiske (b. About 1425 Laxfield, Suffolk, England; d. Before July 15, 1504 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
2. John Fiske, the Elder (b. About 1428 Diss, Norfolk, England)
3. Edmund Fiske (b. About 1430 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
4. Margaret Fiske (b. About 1432; m. Unknown Dowsing)
5. John Fiske, the Younger (b. About 1440 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
6. Jeffery Fiske (b. About 1442 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)


Symond was Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Parish of Laxfield, County of Suffolk, England. His trade was a wheelwright.

His first marriage was to Susannah Smyth, with whom he had six children. There is confusion on the order of Symond's children and their birth years. One source states the above, but another claims that Jeffery was the second child, followed by John, Edmund, and Margaret, with another child who died young, perhaps John the elder. After Susannah Smyth died Symond married Katherine () Fiske.

According to one source, Simon Fiske was probably a great grandson of Hugh Fiske/Fisqs, who was a landholder at Laxfield in about the middle of the fourteenth century. Hugh Fiske's wife's name is unknown, and his son, with a Christian name is also unknown (according to other sources this is Daniel, who is mentioned in this genealogy). Daniel's son was born about 1390 (again the conflicting source claim he was born before 1380 and his name is also Hugh), and is supposed to be the father of Symond/Simon.

Lord Symond Fiske used a coat of arms, however officially it wasn't granted by the Herald's College until November 9, 1633 when it was granted to Professor Nicholas Fiske, a descendent of Lord Symond. In this grant, however, it is acknowledged that the coat of arms was used by his ancestor, "Lord Symond Ffyske of Laxfield."

The coat of arms is described as:
Chequy (checkered), argent (white) and gules (red), upon a pale, sable (black), with three mullets (stars) pierced. These arms also bear a crest on the top of a triangle an estoile (star with six waivy points).

Symond's will was dated December 22, 1463 and proved in Norwich, England on February 26, 1464/April 26, 1464 after dying in Stadhaugh in February. He bequeathed his soul to God, the Virgin Mary, and all the Saints in Heaven. Bequeathed to each of his sons, William, Jeffery, John, and Edmund 20 pounds. He mentioned his daughter, Margaret (Fiske) Dowsing. He appointed his wife, Katherine, son John, and his nephew, Nicholas Noleth executors.

Fiske Family Crest





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