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Lieutenant Soloman Dodge

b. August 13, 1747 Andover, Massachusetts (English Colony)
m. January 23, 1772 Topsfield, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. May 04, 1799 New Boston, New Hampshire U.S.A.


Sarah (Dodge) Dodge


1. Amos Dodge (b. April 09, 1773 Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. February 18, 1796 Lamoille County, Vermont; d. May 22, 1831 Johnson, Vermont)
2. Soloman Dodge (b. July 23, 1775 Topsfield, Massachusetts)
3. Soloman (2) Dodge (b. August 01, 1777 New Boston, New Hampshire)
4. Hannah Dodge (b. September 13, 1779)
5. Daniel Dodge (b. June 08, 1781 New Boston, New Hampshire)
6. Daniel (2) Dodge (b. March 15, 1784 New Boston, New Hampshire)
7. Sally Dodge (b. July 13, 1785 New Boston, New Hampshire)
8. Alice Dodge (b. August 20, 1788 New Boston, New Hampshire)
9. Phineas Dodge (b. October 30, 1793 New Boston, New Hampshire)
10. Aaron Dodge (b. December 03, 1797 New Boston, New Hampshire)


Lieutenant Soloman Dodge may have fought in the Battle of Bunker hill, which many Dodges took part in.





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