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Margery () Dodge

b. About 1580 Middle Chinnock, Somerset England
m. 1600 Middle Chinnock, Somerset England
d. 1635 Somerset England


John Dodge


1. Richard John Dodge (b. 1602 East Coker, England; m. 1628 East Coker, England; d. June 15, 1671 Beverly, Massachusetts)
2. William John Dodge (b. About 1604 Somerset, England)
3. Michael John Dodge (b. 1606 East Coker, Somerset, England)
4. Mary Dodge


Margery and her husband worshipped at St. Michael Church on a hill in East Coker, England. They are most likely buried here or nearby.

Margery's grandson, Captain John Dodge (William's son, not Richard John's son, who is named Lieutenant John Dodge) married Sarah Proctor, whose brother, John Proctor gained fame in the Salem Witch Trials and through Arthur Miller's play The Crucible.





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