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Margery () Fiske

b. About 1473 Laxfield, Suffolk England
m. Unknown
d. About June 1508 or June 1558 Halesworth, Suffolk England


Simon Fiske


Definitely Her Children:
Richard Fiske of Broadgates (b. About 1493 in Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
2. Olive Fiske (b. About 1502 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)

Maybe Her Children:
Simon Fiske (b. About 1497 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
2. William Fiske (b. About 1495 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
3. Robert Fiske (b. About 1506 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
4. Joan Fiske (b. About 1498 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
5. Jerelon/Geryon Fiske (b. About 1500 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
6. John Fiske (b. About 1504 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
7. Margery Fiske (b. About 1512 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
8. Joan Fiske, the Younger (b. 1516 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
9. Agnes Fiske, the Younger (b. 1518 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)


There are contradicting sources on the order, names, and years of birth of Simon Fiske's children. The first source claims Simon's first wife was Elizabeth and his second wife was Margery. This same source also includes Simon's will, which requests he be buried next to his wife, Elizabeth and it claims that Margery died in 1558. This source claims that Margery's children were: Richard, Olive, Margery, Joan (2), and Agnes (2).

The second source claims that Margery was Simon's first wife and Elizabeth was second; this source also seems accurate since it claims that Margery died in 1508 and Elizabeth didn't die until 1558. It also claims different children for each women and according to this source, Margery's children were: Richard, William, Simon, Joan (1), Jerelon, Olive, John, Robert, & Agnes (1).

To see all the children of Simon Fiske, please see his page.





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