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Marie Françoise (Audnez/Deniau) or
Marie Anne Ruffiange Duquet

b. Unknown
m. Unknown
d. Unknown


Jean Baptiste Duquet


Hubert Joseph Duquet (b. March 31, 1789 Corroy-Le-Château, Belgium; m. April 01, 1813 Sombreffe, Belgium; d. February 26, 1858 Sombreffe, Belgium)


Jean Baptiste Duquet's wife is listed as all three of the above women in three different sources, however the most trustworthy source, their child's birth record states her name as Marie Francoise (Audnez) Duquet. Unfortunately, there is no record of this person having existed.

Whoever Hubert Joseph's mother was, all sources indicate she was born in Quebec and came from French ancestry.

It is unknown why her son was born and later lived in Belgium. Although Hubert Joseph was born in Belgium, it appears that his mother was a descendent from France, not French Belgium.




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