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Martha (Fiske) Dodge

b. February/April 27, 1667 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)
m. 1682 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. December 29, 1697 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)


John Dodge


1. Phineus Dodge (b. May 23, 1688 Wenham, Massachusetts; m. December 15, 1712 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. July 19, 1759 Wenham, Massachusetts)
2. Amos Dodge (b. About 1690 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. March 28, 1705/1706)
3. Martha Dodge
4. Elizabeth Dodge (b. August 15, 1695 Wenham, Massachusetts)
5. Nehemiah Dodge (b. January 17, 1697)


Two of Martha's sisters married two of her husband, John Dodge's brothers. Sarah Fiske married Josiah Dodge and Hannah Fiske married Andrew Dodge.





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