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Mary (Endicott) Porter

b. 1598-1613 Dorset England
m. About 1634 England or Salem, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. February 06, 1683/85 Danvers, Massachusetts (English Colony)


John Porter


Sarah (Porter) Andrews (b. June 03, 1649 Salem, Massachusetts; m. 1677 Salem, Massachusetts; d. 1731 Danvers, Massachusetts)
Joseph Porter
Benjamin Porter
Israell Porter
Samuel Porter
John Porter
Mary Porter


The English charter given for the land of Salem was chartered to John Endicott among others, who was named the Grantee of the Patent in 1628. John was from Dorchester, Dorset England and sailed from Weymouth on June 20th, arriving in Naumkeag on September 06, 1928. John then became the Governor of the new plantation renamed Salem, Massachusetts.

It is unknown if Mary was related to John, however the time frame and locations seem to indicate a relationship is probable as a sister or cousin.

Additionally, Mary's daughter, Sarah (Porter) Andrews married Daniel Andrews, who was the son of Rebecca (Craddock) Andrews, who may be related to Matthew Craddock. John Endicott and Matthew Cradock were known to have a relationship due to both being governors of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, making this relationship with John Endicott even more probable.






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