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Mathieu Amiot

b. 1628 Soissons/Chartres, France
m. October 22, 1650 Quebec City, Canada (Quebec), New France (French Colony)
d. After 1693 St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Canada (Quebec), New France (French Colony)


Marie (Miville) Amiot


Catherine Ursule (Amiot) Duquet (b. April 21, 1664 Quebec City, Quebec; m. November 11, 1683 Portneuf, Quebec; d. November 29, 1715 Levis, Quebec)


Mathieu immigrated to Quebec in 1636 with his parents and brother, Jean. He worshipped at Notre Dame in Quebec City and later in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, which is where his death record was found.

There are conflicting sources regarding Mathieu, most likely the more accurate coming from a list of historical biographies and various sources compiled by the University of Toronto/Universite Laval. This record states that he died in Quebec on November 18, 1688, but in a different section states that he died in 1703, which would support a death record, which was found for him that states he died after 1693.

The historical bibliographies states that he was most likely born in or near Chartres, France. Once he immigrated to New France he became a translator for the Jesuits working in Trois-Rivieres and perhaps also in Huronia.

Mathieu, also known as Sieur de Villeneuve, made a number of friends and received a great deal of land: with his marriage, he received a dowry for a property in the city of Quebec in 1661. The Governor of Ailleboust Louis granted him land at Trois-Rivieres in 1649. The Jesuits gave him land in Sillery. Jean Juchereau Maur gave him land in the Pointe-Villeneuve, near St. Augustine Portneuf, a property which he enlarged in 1677 and 1685. Finally, on November 3, 1672, Talon had conceded in fee and lordship another area at Pointe-aux-Birch to Mathieu.

Mathieu had participated in the election of a trustee in 1664 and three years later, the king approved the motion to grant the Talon lettrentendant. Before he could be made a Lord however King Louis XIV cancelled all securities not yet registered, including his (1669).

Mathieu had fifteen children with his wife, Marie.






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