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Matthew Howard

b. 1814 County Clare, Ireland
m. 1842 & 1855
d. April 11, 1888 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.


Catherine (Short) Howard & Mary (Griffin) Howard


1. Johanna (Nolan) Howard (m. Patrick Nolan)
2. James (Jim) Howard (b. October 14, 1844; d. 1921 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.)
3. Margaret Howard (died as an infant)
4. Thomas Howard (m. Mary Ryan)
5. John J. Howard (b. about 1857)
6. Edward L. Howard (b. August 10, 1859 Greenwood Township, Illinois U.S.A.; d. March 09, 1940 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.)


On April 16, 1835 Mathew left Ireland and made his way to Quebec, Canada. He remained there until 1838 when he moved to McHenry County, Illinois. He was one of the first Irish immigrants to the county and took up 160 acres of land as a farmer. Over time he gained more land, eventually owning 640 acres.

In 1842, Mathew married Catherine (Short) Howard from Ireland who died October 02, 1849 in Woodstock, Illinois at the age of 34; he had three surviving children from this marriage: Johanna (Howard) Nolan, James S Howard, & Thomas Howard.

Mathew then married Mary (Griffin) Howard in 1855 and had two children with her.

Mathew was a farmer and farmed in what is now known as Howard's Grove, just northwest of Woodstock, Illinois. His son Jim inherited his farm.





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