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Phineus Dodge

b. May 23, 1688 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)
m. December 15, 1712 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony) & September 21, 1726
d. July 18/19, 1759 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Martha (Edwards) Dodge & Sarah Whipple


1. Phineus Dodge (b. August 28, 1713 Wenham, Massachusetts)
2. John Dodge (b. February 25, 1714 Wenham, Massachusetts)
3. Jeremiah Dodge (b. March 08, 1716 Wenham, Massachusetts)
4. Abner Dodge (b. 1718 Wenham, Massachusetts)
5. Soloman Dodge (b. June 18, 1721 Wenham, Massachusetts; m. December 30, 1742 Andover, Massachusetts; d. January 16, 1812 Topsfield, Massachusetts)
6. Martha Dodge (b. February 14, 1723 Wenham, Massachusetts)
7. Amos Dodge (b. July 01, 1727 Wenham, Massachusetts)
8. Ebenezer Dodge (b. Wenham, Massachusetts)
9. Benjamin Dodge (b. Wenham, Massachusetts)
10. Israel Dodge (b. Wenham, Massachusetts)
11. Stephen Dodge (b. May 21, 1736 Wenham, Massachusetts)


In 1703/1704 Phineus's father, John Dodge died and willed to Phineus his land near the town commons along with Thomas White's land, which consisted of about 36 acres.

He was married to Martha Edwards on December 15, 1712 in Wenham, Massachusetts and they had six children together. Phineus's wife, Martha died on March 31, 1724. On September 21, 1726 Phineus Dodge married Sarah (Whipple) of Danvers, Massachusetts. Phineus and Sarah had five children.

Phineus died on July 19, 1759 in Wenham, Massachusetts. His will was dated November 04, 1757 and proved on August 06, 1759. His will mentions his wife, Sarah and executors Amos, Ebenezer, Stephen, John, Jeremiah, and Solomon. Phineus Dodge's estate was worth 648 pounds.





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