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Rebecca (Craddock) Andrews

b. Before November 01, 1623 London, England
m. 1641 Watertown/Cambridge, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. May 1698 Salem, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Thomas Andrews


Daniel Andrews (b. March 1643 Watertown, Massachusetts; m. 1677 Salem, Massachusetts; d. December 03, 1702 Danvers, Massachusetts)


The first governor of the Massashusetts Bay Colony was Matthew Cradock who was born in 1618 in London. It is unknown if Rebecca was related to Matthew, however the time frame and locations seem to indicate a relationship is probable as a sister or cousin.

Additionally, Rebecca's son, Daniel Andrews married Sarah (Porter) Andrews, who was the daughter of Mary (Endicott) Porter, who may be related to John Endicott. John Endicott and Matthew Craddock were known to have a relationship due to both being governors of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, making this relationship with Matthew Craddock even more probable.






-All information regarding Rebecca is unconfirmed. Although substantial evidence exists linking the relationships between her descendents, there is no credible source confirming the information on this page or even proving Rebecca's existence.