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Richard Fiske of Broadgates

b. About 1493 Laxfield, Suffolk England
m. Unknown
d. Unknown




1. John Fiske (b. About 1514 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
2. George Fiske (b. About 1516 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
3. Nicholas Fiske (b. About 1517 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
4. Jeffery Fiske (b. About 1519 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
5. Robert Fiske of Fesingfield & St. James (About 1521 South Elmham, Suffolk, England; m. About 1549; d. July 28, 1600/1602 at Metfield, Suffolk, England)
6. Jeremie Fiske (b. About 1523 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
7. Richard Fiske (b. About 1527 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
8. William Fiske (b. About 1537 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)


The birth order of the children above is debated as is the question of who is the father of Robert Fiske. One source states the father of Robert Fiske is Richard of Broadgates, while another source claims Robert's father is Simon Fiske. The above listing is one order of children, another possible order is: Robert Fiske, John Fiske, George Fiske, Nicholas Fiske, Jeffery Fiske, Jeremy Fiske, William Fiske, and finally Richard Fiske.

The source that claims the order stated in the previous paragraph also says that this person's (Simon) will was dated January 25, 1505 and he died in 1505 in Laxfield. This would have made him about 8 years old at the time of his death, meaning this was the incorrect Simon Fiske, the dates are incorrect, or the father of Robert is actually Richard Fiske of Broadgates (claimed by a second source). For these reasons, the person believed to be Robert's father is Richard Fiske of Broadgates, not Simon.





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