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Robert Fiske of Fesingfield & St. James

b. About 1525 Stadhaugh/Fesingfield, Suffolk England
m. About 1549
d. July 28, 1600 Metfield, Suffolk England


Sybil/Sibilla (Gould/Gold) Barber/Barbor & Joan () Fiske


William Fiske of St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, & Ditchingham, Norfolk (b. 1550/1566)
Jeffery Fiske of Fressingfield & St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, & Great Bentley, Essex (b. about 1552)
Richard Fiske (b. July 16, 1554 Fessingfield, Suffolk England)
Eleazer Fiske (b. May 31, 1556 Fessingfield, Suffolk England)
Elizabeth Fiske (b. about 1558)
Thomas Fiske (b. About 1560 St. James in South Elmham, Suffolk, England; m. About 1587; d. February 26, 1610/1611 Fessingfield, Suffolk, England)


Robert Fiske married Sybil/Sibilla (Gould) Barber and together they had six children. After Sybil died in 1571, Robert Fiske married Joan unknown, who was born in about 1525 in St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk, England; they had no known children.

There is some confusion as to the dates of birth for the children. One source only lists one child's birth year, that of William Fiske (1566), who that source claims he is the oldest child. According to another source, William is still the oldest, but was born in 1550; that source lists the dates of birth of all children, which are listed above. This second source, however seems inconsistent in that it claims Robert Fiske fled England at some point during the 1550s, however three of his children were supposedly born in England during this period (see below).

Robert Fiske was a wheelwright by trade and sometime during the days of Queen Mary I (1553-1558), he fled to Geneva to in order to escape religious persecution, but later returned to St. James.

Robert Fiske's great grandson (Elizabeth (Fiske) Barnard's grandson) was the famous philosopher, John Locke.

Robert Fiske's will was dated April 10, 1590 and proved on July 28, 1600 at Metfield, Suffolk, England by his sons Goeffrey/Jeffery and Eliezar, who were named as executors in his will. In his will Robert Fiske mentions his eldest son, William Fiske, to whom he left his tenement called Hoves in the parish of St. James. He mentioned his daughter Elizabeth, at the time the wife of Robert Barnard and also his sons Thomas, Eliezar, and Jefferie. He is buried at St. James in Metfield.





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