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Sarah () Dodge

b. 1635 East Coker, Somerset England
m. April 10, 1659 Salem, Massachusetts (English Colony)
d. February 08, 1705/1706 Beverly, Massachusetts (English Colony)


Lieutenant John Dodge


1. Deliverance Dodge (b. March 15, 1659/1660 Beverly/Wenham, Massachusetts)
2. John Dodge (b. April 15, 1662 Beverly/Wenham, Massachusetts; m. 1682 Wenham, Massachusetts; d. January 18, 1704 Wenham, Massachusetts)
3. Josiah Dodge (b. June 04, 1665 Beverly/Wenham, Massachusetts)
4. Sarah Dodge (b. January 13, 1667)
5. Ebenezer Dodge (b. August 01, 1670 Beverly, Massachusetts)
6. Mary Dodge (b. August 15, 1672 Wenham, Massachusetts)
7. Deborah Dodge (b. December 06, 1674 Wenham, Massachusetts)
8. Andrew Dodge (b. October 29, 1676 North Beverly, Massachusetts; m. 1704; d. February 17, 1747 North Beverly, Massachusetts)


Conflicting sources claim that Sarah was either born in 1646 or 1635, meaning she would have married at either 13 or 24. The source that claims she was born in 1635 (and married at 24) says she was born in East Coker, England, which remains consistent with her husband's ancestry from the same city so that date is used above, although is unconfirmed. The conflicting source also claims she was born in England, however at a different location.

Three of Sarah () Dodge's sons married daughters of Captain Thomas Fiske. Martha Fiske married John Dodge, Hannah Dodge married Andrew Dodge, and Sarah Fiske married Josiah Dodge.






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