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Susannah (Smyth) Fiske

b. Before 1424 England
m. Laxfield, Suffolk England
d. Unknown


Lord Symond Fiske


1. William Fiske (b. About 1425 Laxfield, Suffolk, England; d. Before July 15, 1504 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
2. John Fiske, the Elder (b. About 1428 Diss, Norfolk, England)
3. Edmund Fiske (b. About 1430 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
4. Margaret Fiske (b. About 1432; m. Unknown Dowsing)
5. John Fiske, the Younger (b. About 1440 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)
6. Jeffery Fiske (b. About 1442 Laxfield, Suffolk, England)






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