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Teunis P. deJong

b. February 20, 1839 Charlois, Holland, Netherlands
m. Unknown
d. November 15, 1920 Edgerton, Minnesota U.S.A.


Cornelia (Van Deursen) deJong


1. Peter T. deYoung (b. October 09, 1862 Keokuk, Iowa; m. Antjie VanDerAa & Tryntje Dogger; d. October 06, 1936 South Holland, Illinois)
2. Arie DeYoung (b. August 22, 1864 Keokuk, Iowa; m. Jennie Ravenstein; d. February 18, 1929)
3. Johannes DeYoung (b. September 30, 1866 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Maggie Vanderaa; d. June 10, 1940 Thornton, Illinois)
4. Anna DeYoung (b. December 05, 1868 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Leendert VanDerAa; d. November 18, 1952 Thornton, Illinois)
5. Tessie DeYoung (b. October 28, 1870 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Herman DeWinter; d. February 22, 1897 South Holland, Illinois)
6. Cornelia DeYoung (b. November 06, 1872 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Laurens Groeneveld; d. February 01, 1901 South Holland, Illinois)
7. Charles Schalk DeYoung (b. October 31, 1874 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Stella Veld; d. January 01, 1948)
8. Elizabeth E. DeYoung (b. January 27, 1877 Wakefield, Kansas; m. Leendert VanDerAa; d. March 14, 1965)
9. William DeYoung (b. September 19, 1879; m. Annie DeYoung; d. October 10, 1916 South Holland, Illinois)
10. Teunis DeYoung (b. December 17, 1881 Chicago, Illinois; m. Hendrika Kunst; d. October 31, 1964 South Holland, Illinois)
11. Benjamin DeYoung (b. March 17, 1884 Chicago, Illinois; d. March 08, 1975 South Holland, Illinois)
12. Joseph DeYoung (b. June 23, 1888 South Holland, Illinois; m. Frances Mildred Weatherly; d. October 05, 1968 Glemwood, Illinois)
13. Gertrude Nellie (DeYoung) Mulder (b. May 29, 1891 South Holland, Illinois; m. Gerrit M Mulder; d. July 08, 1986 in Sharon, Wisconsin U.S.A.)


According to the 1910 and 1920 censuses, Teunis and his parents were born in the Netherlands. This information is confirmed in family records, which state that Teunis was born in 1839 in Charlois, Netherlands, his father, Pieter T. deJong, was born in 1814 in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands and his mother, Anna (vanDeursen) deJong, was born in 1816 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

However, according to family records Teunis immigrated to the United States in 1847, but this seems like an odd date considering he would have only been 8 at the time and his parents were still alive, but didn't immigrate with him. What is known is that Teunis did immigrate to the United States, but it is most likely that family records have the incorrect immigration date. Additionally, Teunis's wife, Cornelia was born in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, which is the same city Teunis's ancestors were from, making it likely that he met and perhaps married his wife while still in the Netherlands.

Teunis was a farmer and he died in Minnesota with his daughter, Gertrude and her family by his side in 1920.






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