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Theresa () Guth

b. 1807 Alsace, France
m. Unknown
d. 1884 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.


Jacob Guth


1. George Guth (b. December 04, 1836 Alsace, France; d. October 18, 1915 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.)
2. Dora Guth (b. 1848; (never married); d. 1902 Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.)


Theresa was born in Alsace, France, which is a region near the German border. It is most likely that she is of Alsatian ethnicity, which is essentially German. This is inferred due to her having married a man with a distinctively German surname consistent to the region of Alsace and due to the ethnic make-up of the majority in the region of Alsace.

In the early 1800s the population of Alsace grew rapidly, leading to starvation, housing shortages, and unemployment. This led to a mass emmigration to multiple locations including the United States. The majority of Alsatian immigrants to the United States arrived in 1843 and 1844 through New York, and nearly all of them eventually settled in northern Illinois or northern Indiana to farm.

Theresa Guth and her family though immigrated to the United states when her son, George was 14 years old so they immigrated in either 1850 or 1851, long after the original immigration, but to the same region most earlier immigrants moved to.






-Saint Patrick Cemetery - Woodstock, Illinois U.S.A.