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Thomas Fiske

b. About 1560 Laxfield, Suffolk England
m. About 1587
d. February 28, 1610 Fessingfield, Suffolk England


Margery () Fiske


1. Thomas Fiske of Medfield (b. About 1588 Fesingfield, Suffolk, England)
2. James Fiske of Weybread (b. About 1590 Suffolk, England)
3. Elizabeth Fiske (b. About 1598)
4. Captain Phinehas Fiske of Wingfield (b. 1600 Laxfield, Suffolk, England; m. October 02, 1617 Metfield, Norfolk England; d. June 07, 1673 Wenham, Massachusetts (English Colony))
5. John Fiske (b. About 1603 Fessingfield, England)
6. Mary Fiske (b. About 1606 Fessingfield, England)


Thomas Fiske was a wheelwright.

Thomas's will was dated February 20, 1610 and proven February 28, 1610 in Fessingfield, at which point his wife was still alive.





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