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Unknown (Lyttleton) Lowell

b. Unknown
m. Unknown
d. Unknown


William Lowell


James Lowell


One source claimes that Unknown (Lyttleton) Lowell was a descendent of Norman nobility who came to England during William the Conqueror's conquest of the British Isle a few hundred years earlier. This is most likely untrue since the name "Lyttleton" or anything similar is not listed on the Battle Abbey Roll, which is a list of surnames that came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. Although this list is currupt since it was written a couple hundred years after the conquest, more names seemed to be added than erased from the list over time and since Lyttleton doesn't appear on any of the lists it is unlike they came to England in 1066. The name's origin is also questionable and it coule be either Saxon English or Norman English. Given the fact that this woman married a Lowell, which is a Norman English family during this time period would indicate that Lyttleton is Norman English.

The same source says that the Lyttleton family of County Worcester, England, married the family Reginald, who came to England with William the Conqueror, but again the Reginald name is not on the Battle Abbey Roll.

Unknown (Lyttleton) Lowell is a descendent of Thomas De Lyttleton.





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