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William Lowell

b. 1288 or 1370 Yardley, Birmingham England
m. Unknown
d. Unknown


Unknown (Lyttleton) Lowell


James Lowell


William Lowell's birth year is unknown and the two estimates are vastly different. Since few of William's descendents have birth years until the mid-1400s it's difficult to determine which date is correct.

William's wife's family owned all the land from Frankley to Yardley. On this land stands Hagley Hall, the seat of the late Lord of Lyttleton.

The Lowell name is of Norman English origin, however it is unknown when the first descendent arrived in England from Normandy. There is speculation that the first Lowell came with William the Conqueror in 1066. This information is far from convincing however since 1. It came from the Battle Abbey Roll, which was written years after the actual conquest so its content is questioned. In the years following the conquest in 1066, there is speculation that families added their names to the list when it was written to gain power, although in reality they emmigrated from Normandy after the battle itself; and 2. The name appears as "Louell," which may be the same family given the Norman spelling or the fact that a "u" could have been mistaken for a "w" in their writing.





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