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Zealy Meredith Williams

b. October 20, 1909 Bancroft, Wisconsin U.S.A.
m. April 2, 1930 Waukegan, Illinois U.S.A.
d. October 31, 1992 Sharon, Wisconsin U.S.A.


Frances (Mulder) Williams


1. Living
2. Carolyn Mae Williams (b. May 11, 1931 Hebron, Illinois (twin); m. Robert Howard Dodge; d. February 14, 2006)
3. Barbara Fay Williams (b. August 01, 1934 Hebron, Illinois; m. Norman Meithke)
4. Vernon Ralph Williams (b. May 26, 1939 Woodstock, Illinois; m. Marchia Elaine Baier)
5. Living


Zealy grew up on his parent's farm with some extended family. He went to Schenk school, which was a three mile walk each way, until his father started a school on their land. The farm was on the Steenberg Place, which is in the township of Pine Grove, Wisconsin, or currently Bancroft. In 1920 he was living in Walworth, Wisconsin with his parents and maternal grandparents.

Zealy's parents died young, his father died when Zealy was only 16 and his mother died when Zealy was 20. His maternal grandparents, who were living with him at the time also died at around the same time. His grandmother died when he was 13 and his grandfather when he was 17.

When his children were born, Zealy and Frances were living in Woodstock, Illinois and Zealy was working as a farmer, which he had been doing since his father died. Later they moved to Sharon, Wisconsin when he was looking to buy and run his own store. He found a hardware store for sale in Sharon, which was the reason for the move. Zealy later became the mayor of Sharon, Wisconsin for a number of years. In fact, he was responsible for bringing highway 67 through the town!

Later, Zealy's uncle Dan moved in with him and his wife, Francis. Dan and his son had lived with Zealy growing up in his parents' house. and Frances's mom moved in with them.

Bancroft, Wisconsin
Bancroft, Wisconsin






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