Family Names & Histories

Most Recent Surnames:

Bauer (1825-1957)
Dodge (1555-Present)
Flanigan (1800s-1963)
Hardy (1891-Present)
Howard (1895-1985)
LaBarge (1857-Present)
Mulder (1890-2004)
Williams (1824-2006)

Most Common Surnames:

Baskerville (1100s-1300s)
Bushnell (1434-1664)
deJong/DeYoung (1600s-1986)
Dodge (1555-Present)
Duquet (1605-1800s)
DuToit (1548-1794)
Fiske (1300s-1697)
Gerrish (1591-1747)
Green/Greene (1580-1767)
Greiner (1700s-1907)
Lowell/Lowle (1288-1677)
Mallet (1530-1768)
Percival/Perceval (1400s-1500s)
Schmid (1700s-1927)
Walderne/Waldron (1534-1729)
White (1500s-1695)
Williams (1824-2006)

Surnames with a Coat of Arms:

Note - According to the College of Arms (, only the male descendents of a patent bearer have the right to bear a coat of arms. Therefore, although many surnames on this website have had a coat of arms patented to an individual with that surname, I have only included those coats of arms which were patended to a direct descendent of mine.

Fiske, first used by Lord Symond Fiske in the early 1400s