The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is the legislative and governing body of the Golden Shuttlecock Tournament. This three-person committee is led by a chairman who also serves as the Tournament Director. Each member of the Selection Committee is voted on by popular vote and serves a three-year term. In each member's final year he or she serves as the Chairman of the Selection Committee.

2020 Tournament Selection Committee Members:

Cindy Dodge, Golden Shuttlecock Tournament Selection Committee Chairperson & Tournament Director
Justin Dodge
Oscar Dodge

Past Chairpersons & Tournament Directors

2019 - Cora Dodge
2018 - Brent Dodge
2016 - Dean Dodge
2015 - Tyler Dodge
2014 - Justin Dodge
2012 - Travis Dodge
2011 - Judi Dodge
2010 - Brent Dodge
2009 - Dean Dodge
2008 - Justin Dodge
2007 - Justin Dodge
2006 - Justin Dodge