The Golden Shuttlecock Tournament's Official Museum

The Golden Shuttlecock Tournament Museum is dedicated to the history and great achievements of the players and teams of the Golden Shuttlecock Tournament. Below is a sample of some of the exhibits at the museum, however to truly experience the museum in all its glory, you must visit.

The museum is open annually on the day of the Golden Shuttlecock Tournament.  For questions, please contact the Golden Shuttlecock Tournament Museum Director at [email protected]

Exhibits Include:

Dodge hat
The Dodge Hat was presented to The Golden Shuttlecock Tournament's first winning team members: Justin R & Brent M Dodge.
*This generous donation was made by Justin Dodge

This was the shuttlecock used in the inaugural championship match of The Golden Shuttlecock Tournament. The Barefoot Brothers beat Dean & Travis in straight sets.
*The shuttlecock was generously donated by Brent Dodge

Badminton Racket, Carlton Banks
Here lies Carlton Banks, friend, partner, and the legendary racket of Brent Dodge,
which served the first shuttlecock in the inaugural Golden Shuttlecock Tournament.
*Generously donated by Brent Dodge; may Carlton rest in peace.

Replica of the Dodge Cup
A replica of The Dodge Cup was made in 2010 in case the original was ever lost or damaged beyond repair.
This replica was created by Sylvan Millevolte under the creative direction of both Sylvan and Basil Millevolte.